Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Parameshwari radio concert/interview

Live performance & interview by John Schneider at KPFK's for the Global Village show, Sep 18th, '08.

This performance and discussion live on air features (left to right) Shashanka Bakshi on tabla, Partho Sarodi on sarod myself on sitar.
This 36min program is mostly a live performance of Pt. Ravi Shankar's devotional morning raga known as Parameshwari.

Between movements of the raga we discuss the aspects of alaap, jor & gats played in rupak tala (7 beats) & teental (16 beats). Parameshwari is a six note raga omitting the fifth note, keeping the drone on the tonic & fourth notes.
Sa (C) Re (Db) Ga (Eb) Ma (F) Dha (A) Ni (Bb)

Shashanka, Partho & John in KPFK's historic Studio A.
Photos by Jaeger Smith.