Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Raga

I hope you all rang a most glangarific Christmas and/or whatever other Holy-days you partake in. I wanted to share this Christmas Raga I recorded this morning… enjoy!

May we raise up love and solidarity for all our brothers & sisters around our city, the country and the world even more in 2012, maybe this will be the year where we see real change come to fruition. - Paul Z

Christmas is the feast of the divine explosion, the love of God revealed in the poverty of Christ. ~ John Main

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winter World Tour & India

I have just returned from a tour around the world performing Indian classical music in Nepal, India, Czech & Germany. The entire trip was a beautiful experience culminating a year of touring starting last spring which included three trips up and down the west coast and Mexico.

I would say the highlight of the journey was Varanasi, where I played 4 concerts in one week including a beautiful temple concert just above the ganga and a program at Benares Hindu University (the largest residential University in Asia) for the music students and renown faculty of the performing arts department.

After 5 trips to India, I am so thankful to God to be able to spend time in Varanasi, performing, having fellowship with the great diversity of music lovers and spiritual seekers from all over the world and yes... of course walking, boating and bathing in the ganga! Here's a shot from a boat of temples on the ghats of the ganges in the sacred city of Varanasi last month.

This is a shot from the River Ashram there playing with a great young tabla player, Hari Om.

This shot is on a house boat the morning I left went after a sunrise sitar concert on the Ganga! See the complete Newsletter here on my website with more pics and concert video as well.