Monday, October 29, 2007

Raga Yaman ~ drut gat

This is the drut gat (fast movement) of a July 07 concert in Tepoztlan, Morelos (Central Mexico) from oru concert/workshop tour this summer with tabla virtuoso Abhijit Banerjee from Kolkata. This performance incorporates several themes in Raga Yaman set to teental
(16 beats) and improvisation back and forth between tabla & sitar.

The complete performance of this raga will be available shortly in high quality audio.

More info about our upcoming Mexico Tour & Indian Music Intensive workshops!

Sarang on fretless guitar

Welcome friends to the Raga Jazz blog! My intention with this blog is to my first piece I wanted to share here is an excerpt from a guitar piece improvisation played on this super glangin Godin freltess guitar. This thing plays like butter! I tracked one take and then had a musical conversation on another take with the first one. I think it came out interesting. This improvisation is based on an North Indian afternoon raga called Sarang. Sarang is actually a family of afternoon ragas comprising a number of related ragas (traditional melodic forms). *Look for an upcoming post of my article 'What is Raga?'.