Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sarangi Guitar Duet

I recorded this duet with sarangi player Debahish Haldar in Calcutta this February. It is a somewhat contemporary take on the traditional evening Raga Jog. This is an excerpt from a 45 minute alaap meditation we recorded in one take. Digit.

Deashish Haldar, is a brilliant young sarangi player from Calcutta. We met playing together with Abhijit Banerjee's Tarang Ensemble. Enjoy, we'll have the whole piece available for sale shortly.

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Unself said...

i hve been trying to find a sarangi player from kolkata who recorded a sample for a western website.

the only thing I have to identify him is a few second clip.

do you think this sounds familiar at all? I would like to find this musician and commission him to do a piece.

thanks please