Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paul & Abhijit, Sangeet House Concert

Here's a video excerpt from our June 1st Sangeet house concert at Kent's beautiful home in San Gabriel, California. This is a drut gat (fast composition) and improvisation in a lesser heard raga in North Indian music... Raga Vatchaspati, originates from the Karnatic/South Indian classical music. The preceding jhaptal (10 beats) will be posted on YouTube shortly.

The middle section is interesting in the spontaneous use of chords on the sitar, with a unique reflective contemporary accompaniment by Abhijit.

I will release cd quality audio from this concert soon,
including Ragas Marwa & Anandi Kalyan.


minty said...
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Bharati said...

Its superbly played. The sound quality is displayed well in the setting of the home. Paul is a real maestro. Abhijit's accompaniment is enjoyed well too.