Thursday, March 13, 2008


WARNING, this is ragarock music, listen at your own risk! This is not my mellow classical stuff ya'll. This grooves though, with solkattu (vocal percussion) interspersed. The initial rhythmic theme is based on a cycle of 16 divided 2 3 4 3 4.

Ta ka, Ta ki Ta, Ta ka di mi, Ta ki Ta, Ta ka di mi
(say this while clapping in 4 and you're glangin'!)

This track features: me on a Godin fretless electric guitar (yea the one in that picture to the right), Pete Jacobson on cello, Jonathan Dimond on bass, Abhijit Banerjee on tabla & Dave Lewis on drums... dijit!

Check out the live video of this tune on YouTube from Arohi concert, in Jan '08 at Bonsorte Studio in Santa Monica. We dedicated the piece to the late Dan Morris, who was an incredible creative drummer and friend since our Cal Arts days.

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Gary Taylor said...

Rocks (and sways)INDEED! Too short. I dared use it as background while blogging, got wired up and then it quit. Had to go try some of your other glanging stuff.