Friday, March 7, 2008

Kafi Bund

Check out this sitar/fretless guitar duet recorded in Calcutta, India in Feb '08.

This ragajazz jam in based loosely around Raga Kafi. When I was in Kolkata last month, there was a government strike (called bund... hence our title) so nobody could drive around the city, fortunately we we within walking distance of Resonance Studio so we went in, composed this piece and laid it down on the spot.

Indrajit Banerjee on sitar & myself on Godin fretless guitar... Enjoy!

Here's a bit of video from the warm up in the studio. The audio above is far superior for listening).

Check out Indrajit's website, a brilliant sitarist now on tour in USA with Gourisankar on tabla, we're looking forward to their spring concert in Los Angeles.

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Nikhilwannbee said...

This is the real stuff! Hot Raga Jazz!